Saturday, March 19, 2011

Indiana man had sex with both of his sisters

32-year-old Terry Hickmott has been accused of having sexual intercourse with at least one of his sisters, and possibly both. The two women, Rachael Hickmott and Jennifer McDonald, were also charged with incest but their cases are pending.

"This is an unpleasant case, and thankfully cases involving allegations of adult siblings having sex with each other are rare,” Caviness said. “Under Indiana law, consent is not a defense to the charge of incest. You simply are not allowed to have sex with your biological sibling."


  1. The state of Indiana is spending its taxpayer's money to persecute and incarcerate adults for having consensual sex together.

    If killing an unborn baby is constitutionally protected under the concept of privacy, how is it that the government gets to play favorites over which kinds of consensual sex between adults are allowed and which are not?

  2. Too bad he didn't have sex with his brother, or the two sisters didn't have a relationship together. Then the President and Vice-President's "evolving views" would have saved them from prosecution. In fact, the Human Rights Campaign would probably have given them medals, the ACLU would have defended them, and GLBT groups would have called for a national boycott of Indiana.

  3. It is about time we changed these idiotic laws and allow adult consenting incest, esp. Brother/Sister. It's been going on since day one and will continue till the end of time. If it's not consentual then it's rape and that is something that should be prosecuted.