Sunday, June 21, 2009

Man and sister arrested

An Alabama man and his Georgia sister were arrested in 2005:

A brother and sister were arrested on felony incest charges after the man's wife called sheriff's deputies, who allegedly caught the siblings having sex. Both brother and sister had been drinking, and Rotton was initially taken to a hospital because she appeared so intoxicated, Christian said. The man told the officer he wanted to "go out crazy" after being diagnosed with cancer, The Birmingham News reported Wednesday."

It is kind of funny that one person's surname in the story is Christian and another is Rotton. I see three problems with this event: sex with your sibling should not be a spur of the moment drunk act because you have cancer; if the man strongly desired a romantic relationship with his sister, then he shouldn't have married someone else; and the police have better things to do than interfere with siblings who have a mutual desire for each other and consent to sex.

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